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Post by ninjagibbon on Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:50 pm

3 words that describe you: daft, honest, pirate.
How long have you played runescape:april 2005
Favorite skill: range
Favorite place: anywhere i can range = }
Things you do most on runescape: range , clue hunt.
Why do you want to join Galeru: it will be a new challenge
What could you bring to the group (skills, talent...): ill always be there in a fight
Highest level, in what skill: 95 range
How often do you play runescape: as often as work and gf permit .
What country are you in: united kingdom
Would you consider holding a position of responsibility within the clan: errr....if sib says so = /
Can you take a joke: always
Can you tell a joke: im good at ritin me....
Are you able to reserve friends list space for clan members: not sure
Comments: this site looks the cool well done girls = ). & good luck. afro

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