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Joining Galeru Empty Joining Galeru

Post by Jonmn on Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:39 pm

runescape username: Jonmn
3 words that describe you: Tanking Corndog-Noob
How long have you played runescape: 6 Years?
Favorite skill: Fishing
Favorite place: Falador
Things you do most on runescape: Fish
Why do you want to join Galeru: Looks like a nice clan.
What could you bring to the group (skills, talent...): Activity.
Highest level, in what skill: 99 Cooking
How often do you play runescape: 7 Days a week. *Possibly*
What country are you in: United States
Would you consider holding a position of responsibility within the clan: Being nice.
Can you take a joke: Yes.
Can you tell a joke: Not really.
Are you able to reserve friends list space for clan members: Yea
Comments: not much.


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