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Post by sk8board on Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:10 am

runescape username:sk8board100
3 words that describe you:friendly fun honest
How long have you played runescape:2 years
Favorite skill:attack
Favorite place:pest control
Things you do most on runescape:train,bounty hunter
Why do you want to join Galeru:because i want to join a fun clan that i can take part of.
What could you bring to the group (skills, talent...):advice
Highest level, in what skill:attack
How often do you play runescape:fairly often
What country are you in:UK
Would you consider holding a position of responsibility within the clan:yes
Can you take a joke:yes
Can you tell a joke:yes
Are you able to reserve friends list space for clan members:yes
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